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background-color : #002b54 !important; Since 1966, HKIS has provided an American-style education grounded in the Christian faith. My name is Greg Selfe, Principal of Hello Kids International School. The Reservation Deposit refers to Tuition Fee and Capital Levy. Boys joining in Michaelmas 2021: £3,000 (£500 of this will be refunded when the boy leaves the school, subject to settlement of his final fee and other charges). Haddam-Killingworth Intermediate School Closing, Delayed Opening and Early Dismissal Info Please see information regarding school closings, delayed openings and … VOLLEYBALL. Highly qualified teachers from the UK.Affordable Fees. span.onclick = function() { modal.style.display = "none"; The Tuition Fee and Technology Fee will be invoiced termly. Parents who cannot afford to pay school fees must apply to the school governing board for conditional, partial or full exemption from paying school fees. However, a refund of 2020-21 Reservation Deposit may be provided upon receipt of BOTH of the following: Withdrawal Notification Received case '125': How to view an individual assignment's standards in PS? */ Where we could be funding R1 300 per learner in Parktown, we are only giving them R100 which means those schools are dependent on parent contribution. switch (tag.split("-")[1]) { border-radius: 0; setInterval(function () { 8.7K likes. Hong Kong break; 1 Red Hill Road, Tai Tam, Hong Kong +852 3149 7000. [email protected] HKD Deposit Account No: 17775795. url = url.substring(0, (url.indexOf("?") */ I hereby authorize Shanghai Commercial Bank Ltd. (“the Bank”) to pay the HKIS Annual Subscription Fee (2018-2019) to The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors by charging my HKIS Platinum / Titanium Credit Card account as below: Standard Corporate Debenture: HK$3 million, Comprehensive Corporate Debenture: HK$5 million. Summary and application included below. KWOON CHUNG MOTORS COMPANY LIMITED has been providing bus service for HKIS students, to and from school, on a contract basis for the past 50 years and will be handling this for the 2020-2021 school year.. Book a Tour Now ! About Us; What's New; Message from the President / Chairman; Our History; Our Organization; Council & Committees. break; } function checkPhoto (tag) { $(document).ready(function () { } Top Schools in Bangalore School-fees-structure , Finding a right school for kids is essential, this page will help you plan your child's admission process in an efficient way. Tuition fees include the costs of textbooks and handouts, certain essential school supplies, some field trips, pupil activities and insurance, but exclude other mandatory costs as set out below. Registration Fee from 1 September 2020. 50% of the 1st Semester Reservation Deposit will be refunded All of our classes will follow our new colour code system which is in synch with ITF development progressions – international standards. From May 1, 2020 to June 15, 2020 inclusive // Get the modal Members cannot proceed to payment if they do not apply the CPD event and obtain the registration number through the HKIS … Multiple payments are acceptable if the total amount payable exceeds your daily limit. Apple Service for 2018/19 School Year; Help Articles Employee Info. Full payment of the Reservation Deposit on or before these payment due-dates will reserve a place for an existing student: (a) The payment is due in accordance with the due date stated as per the invoice. All school fees must be settled before the end of the year. Tai Tam This is the case if: the education programme at the relevant school or school department is based on a foreign system Serving over 2,600 students, HKIS has four school divisions on two campuses on the south-side of Hong Kong Island. case '112': Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. One-time fees when signing up HK$17,000 Yearly fee HK$222,600 Total first year fee HK$239,600 } None of the 1st Semester Reservation Deposit will be refunde. clearInterval(link); url.length : url.indexOf("? Announcements; Council / Committee List; Constitution & Bye-Laws; Rules of Conduct; HKIS Shop; Member’s Welfare; Contact Us; Newsroom. An applicant to HKIS may test on site or at any school/center throughout the US and abroad that serves as an ISEE test site. How to view report cards in PS? This amount is agreed to between the parent and the school. 23 South Bay Close, Hong Kong +852 2812 5000 . Say More About Your Website. Knowledgebase for SchoolsBuddy. JSJavaScript section goes here. img = '/uploaded/photos/missing.jpg'; HKIS Bus information 2019/20|Repulse Bay Campus|R1 to G5| P.1/P.2 HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL BUS INFORMATION 2019/2020 – Repulse Bay Campus – Bus Service for R1 – G5 KWOON CHUNG MOTORS COMPANY LIMITED of 3/F 8 Chong Fu Road. img = '/uploaded/photos/about/Leadership/sm-Harold_Kim.jpg'; HKIS offers a warm and inclusive learning environment for over 2,600 students of 40 nationalities and diverse religious backgrounds. How to check your child's Aquatics Student Levels in SchoolsBuddy; How to Pay using the parent wallet in SchoolsBuddy Payment of the Reservation Deposit may be made in U.S. dollars for families residing outside of Hong Kong. 100% of the 1st Semester Reservation Deposit will be refunded window._chatlio = window._chatlio||[]; (c) Reservation Deposit paid each semester is not transferable to another student, sibling or semester. } /* NATH - setDragonFocus() for Dragonnet login The registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable. $('.letterPhoto').find('img').attr('src', img); name = 'Ron A. Roukema
Interim Head of School'; elem.parentNode.removeChild(elem); Only the Family Debenture can be transferred, and only to the purchaser’s children or grandchildren. Are You Looking For a Member of Our Institute? var _monsido_hkis_token = window.location.pathname.indexOf("/dragonnet") == 0 ? Hong Kong International School (HKIS) is a leading private co-educational college preparatory school for students from Reception One (pre-kindergarten) to Grade 12. Updates . Schedule. if (event.target == modal) { (d) Any over-payments will be credited towards the next semester’s Reservation Deposit. Home; Thank you for your interest in Hong Kong International School (HKIS)! border-radius: 0; height: 25px; modal.style.display = "block"; height: 0; if (this.href.indexOf("www.hkis.edu.hk") === -1) Weekday Afternoon Class. } HKIS also has a Young Surveyors Group which comprises members whose ages shall not exceed 40. DDA can be made without any service charge. If the school closure is prolonged, bus fee will be charged or no refund will be available on the month of the announced school closure and … width: 100%; Enter your preferences and find the best international school in Hong Kong for you and your children. The school may not charge further fees for additional subjects chosen by learners from the school programme. Athletics at HKIS. Weekday Preschool Class. } var modal = document.getElementById('myModal'); HKIS HOSTS APAC DANCE . text-align: center; transition: background-color 0.5s; NETBALL. transition: border-radius 0.5s, background-color 0.5s; ATHLetics at HKIS . _chatlio.show({expanded: false}); name = ''; A school fee is money that parents pay to schools, aimed at improving the quality of education of learners. Mr. Geoff Heney joins our HKIS Lower Primary community and talks to us about his philosophy on education for our youngest learners. Tuition fees do not include the cost of compulsory school uniform, lunch, snacks and transport by school bus. How to Record an audio message using Quicktime Player; How to login to New York Times HKIS account; Blog. HKIS Athletics. A school fee is an agreed amount of money that parents pay to schools, aimed at improving the quality of education of learners. Note that DDA applications take approximately 4 weeks to process. Please provide your username and password to log in: Please enter your email address. The first permanent school building, with seven stories, 32 classrooms, and a capacity for 750 pupils, cost $5,350,000 Hong Kong dollars. Canadian International School of Hong Kong is a not-for-profit school and its operating costs are met from the tuition fees. .drop { They are sometimes a year … Parents and Sponsors may also participate by purchasing a non-interest bearing debenture of HK$2,000,000. break; background-color: rgb(169, 43, 23) !important; HKIS; PowerSchool Students / Parents PowerSchool Students / Parents. TENNIS. Hong Kong International School Association Ltd. Private international schools have significantly higher tuition fees than local schools. url = url.substring(url.lastIndexOf("/") + 1, url.length); Weekday Kindergarten Class. Visit their respective websites for the latest fee information. // When the user clicks anywhere outside of the modal, close it btn.onclick = function() { This deadline is strictly adhered to. School fees range in HKD valid for the academic year 2020/2021 This school has more than one ... HKIS is a closed test site and will only invite students who have applied to our school. }); Announcements; Council / Committee List; Constitution & Bye-Laws; Rules of Conduct; HKIS Shop; Member’s Welfare; Contact Us; Newsroom. // Get the element that closes the modal Working exclusively with children since 2008, Greg is the driving force behind the different Hello Kids International School’s curriculums, class structure and Teacher-quality. is 9899). c.parentNode.insertBefore(n,c); }, 2000); Pick Up / Drop Off Information The school bus routes are timed to fit the school schedule including after school activities. Welcome to our classes and fees page! extra support for children with a disability. About Us; What's New; Message from the President / Chairman; Our History; Our Organization; Council & Committees. width: 50px; // When the user clicks on (x), close the modal Corporations may use this debenture to support multiple children from one family. Hello Kids International School – About HKIS! The fees for the following school year will be posted as soon as they are available. (HKIS Merchant No. == -1) ? //this removes everything before the last slash in the path border-radius: 0; }(); Acceptances are based on student space availability at the time of the student’s intended enrollment. ")); name = 'Alan P. Runge
Head of School'; This deadline is strictly adhered to. .divClose { School Fees; FAQs; Learning at HKIS; HS Open House; Footer Link. Check your child's school fees . name = 'Ron A. Roukema
Interim Head of School'; }, 2000 ); Total tuition fee includes Technology Fee ($1,500) which is applicable to students in Grade 4 and above, the IB fee ($6,000), and text book fee for students in Grades 11-12 ($2,000). } For any queries, parents and all are advised to use the "Notify Kwoon Chung" system after LOGIN, or email us at [email protected] Thanks and wishing you all a Merry Christmas & a safe and healthy New Year! How to Change Password for DragonNet (Employees) Grammarly. var span = document.getElementsByClassName("close")[0]; Welcome to the HKIS School Bus service! To sign up for an account, please click here. Find other International Schools in Hong Kong: Prices for subsequent years are illustrative only and subject to change. Settle via your Hong Kong personal online banking platform, Please Note: For transfers from Citibank N.A. Until 1870 all schools were charitable or private institutions, but in that year the Elementary Education Act 1870 permitted local governments to complement the existing elementary schools in order to fill any gaps. img = '/uploaded/photos/missing.jpg'; Saturday Class. Children not at school . p.chatlio-missed-you-message { case '111': default: HKIS' leadership team is composed of 24 administrators from diverse backgrounds whose collective efforts support faculty and staff colleagues in achieving the Mission, Vision and Student Learning Results. //this gets the full url Parents withdraw kids from private school over fees. The Education Act 1902 allowed local authorities to create secondary schools. // Get the button that opens the modal backgroundColor: "#021930" !function(){ var t=document.getElementById("chatlio-widget-embed");if(t&&window.ChatlioReact&&_chatlio.init)return void _chatlio.init(t,ChatlioReact);for(var e=function(t){return function(){_chatlio.push([t].concat(arguments)) }},i=["configure","identify","track","show","hide","isShown","isOnline", "page"],a=0;a

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