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To make a sound similar to a bark: "The birds bark softly, sounding almost like young pups" (Charleston SC News and Courier). Irish. Barn Sour - A horse with an obsessive desire for the security of a barn or stable. barking irons - Pistols, from their explosion resembling the bow-wow or barking of a dog. Definition of barking iron in the Definitions.net dictionary. They are trying to attract the attention of the opposite sex, or they just want people's attention and thanks. Barkers (Barking Irons): Guns. We digress, this spirit is the OG. In the 1785 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, "barking irons" are defined as a Irish expression meaning "pistols, from their explosion resembling the bow-wow or barking of a dog." = Stop Thief! ing, barks v.intr. 2. Pistols, esp. Revolvers. B. A barking pig is someone or something that changes the world for the better. (2) (n) Thief. Footpads (muggers) and highwaymen used their "barking irons" to rob unsuspecting travellers. 1. To utter a bark. Similar to barking spiders. Pistols. Beef: (1) (v) Raise hue-and-cry. April 18, 2005 - Production Management student launches a successful business. Synonym: barker Barrel Cactus - Scientific name: Ferocactus , meaning "fierce or wild cactus." bear leader. Meaning of barking iron. Many of these terms are specific to late 18th and early 19th century England, and are often slang expressions or fashion terms. When someone flatulates, you blame it on the barking frogs. Barking Irons - Firearms, derived from the "barking" sounds they make when fired. Disclosure aside, let’s talk delicious unique Americana history. Bayard was a horse famous in old romances. Beak: Magistrate Beak-hunting: Poultry stealing Bearer up: Person that robs men who have been decoyed by a woman accomplice. The expression was soon shortened to "barkers". Home News Photo Gallery Feedback : NEWS. Definition of barking dogs seldom bite in the Idioms Dictionary. (Can we find and add a quotation of Gardner to this entry?) barrel fever - “He died of the barrel fever”; he killed himself by drinking. Treat you to dinner. It reads as follows: "Barking Irons - Out of the land of excess that is the vintage tee glut comes Barking Irons, an intelligent, gritty and unpretentious line of tees. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Over the years, readers have often written to ask Candice about the meaning of an unfamiliar term or phrase used in one of her books. barking dogs seldom bite phrase. Or under those gold multi-candle holders. Stolen Valor- 1) When a civilian who was never military, therefore never earned the rights and privileges associated with the honor of wearing the uniform, wear one due to any of the following reasons: A.To get discounts or free services/drinks, etc at stores or cafes. barque of frailty. The do not go along with the norm, and they won't let the world tell them how do act, what they can and can't do. barking iron (plural barking irons) (obsolete, especially in plural) A tool used to remove the bark from trees. A prostitute. What does barking dogs seldom bite expression mean? Bail you out of jail kind of tight. 3. (cr) = Hot Beef! ... barking irons. Bayard of ten toes - To “ride bayard of ten toes”, is to walk on foot. With Barking Irons Applejack at the root of this story, we guarantee happiness under the tree. Information and translations of barking iron in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Itis someone who sets the tone, isn't afraid to show emotion, and is a star. What does barking iron mean? The article written by Mina Hochberg appeared in the amNewYork free newspaper. Bend: Waistcoat, vest Betty: A type of lockpick (dated, slang) A pistol. batchelor’s fare - Bread and cheese and kisses.

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