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Louis Theroux: Behind Bars. When Louis Theroux went to San Quentin prison he found a bizarre self-contained society where "straight" men fall in love, gangs are divided along strict racial lines and an inmate … Louis Theroux: Behind Bars (2008) Set inside America's most notorious prison, San Quentin, Theroux speaks to serial murderers, at-risk inmates, gang members and prison guards. has previously said that he regrets parts of the original 2007 documentary, documenting the hate-fuelled homophobia of the Westboro Baptist Church. It’s not simply chaos, mayhem, negativity. Louis Theroux has revealed he regrets how he addressed a transgender inmate while filming for his documentary, Life Behind Bars. The documentary saw Theroux spend time with the inmates of San Quentin State Prison, including one, called Deborah, who was a trans woman. The filmmaker had interviewed Deborah Lee Worledge in his 2007 documentary Behind Bars, which explored life in the US prison system. Browse more videos. During his time behind bars, Louis joins the guards for cell \'shake downs\' where ingenious and terrifying deadly weapons are found. In A Place for Paedophiles, Louis came face to face with those responsible for serious sex crimes against children who were being locked up indefinitely, even after their sentences had been completed. ... NORAD Santa tracker LIVE See where Ol' Saint Nick is now. “I’ve done a nine year term, and a 13 year term back to back in prison behind. Featured channels. ... Best part is the interview with former nazi gang member who is now in homosexual relationship with Jewish transsexual prisoner. Playing next. “We were allowed by society to be the hookers late at night, do little petty crimes, be little petty drug dealers, but we were never allowed to be in somebody’s business, to represent their business standing at the counter. Save. The inmates are only locked down in their cells for a few hours a day. Located just outside of San Francisco, the facility houses almost 3000 murderers, sexual predators and small-time criminals and is infamous for its gruesome death row. Behind Bars: A Louis Theroux documentary Posted on Apr 25, 2019 by maximusgilhespysfilmstudies Louis Theroux is a well-known English documentary filmmaker, in which he has made many different documentaries, ranging from diving in to high security prisons to crime in South Africa, Louis Theroux has covered an extensive range of subjects over the years. Filmmaker Louis Theroux spoke to a transgender inmate while filming Behind Bars, but believes he addressed her wrongly. 59 mins Available for 8 months. British Broadcasting Corporation ... Louis Theroux: Behind Bars will be broadcast on Sunday 15 June at 2200 BST on BBC Two. 41:23. “And Deborah comes out with long hair and with a kind of traditional feminine affect. He spends time with an inmate and his family during visitation period - when drugs and weapons are regularly smuggled in. What Louis Theroux fears more than prison inmates and Neo-Nazis. In the full clip, she expresses her hope that as trans people become more accepted in society, they would have a route to a better life. “It is completely in the context of the time, kind of unexceptionable exchange, but now I would have phrased it properly,” he continued. At the time Deborah, who had a decades-long record of minor criminal offences, was serving a three-month sentence for robbery at San Quentin, a men’s prison in California. Report. (BBC). When Louis Theroux made his Behind Bars documentary for BBC2 in 2008, it felt like it marked a new direction. Louis Theroux had interviewed Deborah Lee Worledge and her then-cellmate Robert in his 2007 documentary Behind Bars He added: “The following year, … “You expect brutality in prison, and violence and antagonism, so what becomes surprising is when you see something else. Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile. Extreme Love: Autism 59m. Louis talks to a prisoner who has been placed in a safety cell because he has become too dangerous to be with other inmates. There, he meets and speaks to serial murderers, gang members, at-risk inmates and guards. there’s cops and there’s robbers, and we’re the robbers.’. “There’s moments where because of the nature of sensitivities now, and how much more educated we are, the conversation would take place in a different way.”. He said: “It feels like maybe there’s moments that don’t feel quite right, or feel like they would be phrased differently now. He spends two weeks with the inmates … The filmmaker had interviewed Deborah in his 2007 documentary Behind Bars. But close to the heart of downtown Miami is a much older, smaller building: the Pre-Trial Detention Centre, better known as Main Jail. Louis Theroux spends ... Louis Theroux meets the inmates locked up in Miami's mega jail. Series 1 is currently not available. Kalesiknife. With Louis Theroux. Behind Bars. 2008, Crime - 60 min 30 Comments. He had been locked up with his life sentence from the age of 29. For two weeks, Theroux visits the San Quentin State Prison. Life on the Edge begins on BBC Two at 9pm on Sunday, 6 September, and will see the beloved documentarian revisit some of his past projects. Directed by Stuart Cabb. Theroux made the comments ahead of a forthcoming four-part career retrospective, Louis Theroux: Life on the Edge. “I arrive at the cell and I’m told that this person is called Deborah,” he said. Here the inmates are kept behind metal bars in cells that sleep up to 24 men. He added: “The following year, after we filmed, Deborah was back inside, and then released.

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