Digestive Problems From Giving Human Food to Dogs

Digestive Problems From Giving Human Food to Dogs

Feeding dogs in a healthy way is very important when we assume the responsibility of becoming a caretaker for an animal.

However, ignorance leads us to make important mistakes that end up affecting our pets.

Let’s look at some digestive problems from giving human food to dogs.

It is common to demonize the consumption of human food in dogs, even many veterinarians ban it outright.

However, this is half reality. While some food we eat can be very harmful to it, in general, they will not harm you, the big secret is knowing what to give and how to give it to you.

In the first place, the main problem that some specialists find in the consumption of human food is that the caretaker feeds the dog with the same with which he eats.

This implies a very high consumption of sugars and salts that end up being very harmful to the dog’s organism because they have a smaller size and a shorter intestine, they do not reach to metabolize these elements.

In the case of sugars, it is especially harmful. The increase in glucose causes problems at the circulatory level, which ends up affecting the proper functioning of a wide variety of organs.

The consumption of salt in dogs is complicated because it causes irritation in the digestive tract, in addition to that it tends to accumulate because they do not sweat as we do and, therefore, this remains in your body.

In fact, dogs would consume very low levels of salt in a natural environment, so it is better to avoid it.

One of the reasons why it is good to inhibit the dog from asking for food is because they are often given things that are highly toxic, such as chocolate or onion.

Although the dog will not fall fulminated when consumed in small quantities, the continuous consumption of some foods can seriously affect the dog, causing death by poisoning.

Something that should be very careful with those who wish to eat a homemade diet for their dog is obesity. Human food brings large amounts of fat, especially when it comes to fried products.

It is best to prepare the dog’s food separately, taking care that they are rich in animal protein and without salt.

The obesity not only causes difficulties stomach and intestine also create problems in the joints to having to bear the extra weight: clog arteries and can lead to serious illnesses that can lead to the death of the animal.

Also, the consumption of some vegetables and fruits can trigger cramps and stomach pains.  In addition, due to the length of the intestine again, many vegetables are difficult to digest, hindering the correct assimilation of nutrients.

In general, human food causes in dogs the production of softer and more poorly formed stool, it also generates a greater production of gases due to the obstruction indigestion, which produces flatulence with very strong odors.

There is also a greater risk of giving the animal a portion of food that can trigger allergic reactions or towards those who have an intolerance.

For example, dairy products end up being a very bad option when feeding a dog, since these are heavy, difficult to assimilate, have a very high glucose content and dogs tend to develop intolerance to some of their variants, for What it is will cause vomiting and diarrhea.

These problems can be avoided through the intake of specialized products for dogs, such as feed, by making an appropriate selection of this so that it can better meet the special characteristics of each dog. However, if you opt for a homemade diet,  you should look for products rich in animal protein, low in fat, glucose, and salts and high in fiber to improve and stimulate proper digestion.

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