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Languages available:Arabic, Croatian, Dutch, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Macedonian, Maltese, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese (Mandarin), Serbian, Traditional Chinese (Cantonese), Vietnamese, Arrernte, Pitjantjatjara, Torres Strait Creole (Yumplatok) and Warlpiri Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission(Australian Government Department of Health) Languages av… An information resources pack was sent to providers in January 2019, just after the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (Commission) was established. How do I refer people over 65 for an aged care assessment? My Health Record offers a range of practical uses for aged care health professionals and patients/residents, such as: 1. Name* Email Id* Comment* Submit. For other language fact sheets see the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service.. Browse fact sheets by type. h�bbd```b``f�SA$SXd�����`R,����l &?�H�<0�L>� Health Professionals play akey role in supporting patients to access these services. endstream endobj startxref You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. What is advocacy and how can it help me? HACC transition to Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), Assessment Pathways in Aged Care - RAS and ACAP. We have developed some fact sheets to outline information on My Aged Care and its programs, as they relate to blindness and vision impairment. ��������~|c,���d)�bUw h�b```���\�� ��ea��pp8�iU��CG$X���m���,�3��`��`b����b�B�[email protected]�E�ZC��]�2�1�`��,δ��6�lfI�'L�|�������f��� �^ƫ�@����9H�10�(��@�]+����[email protected]� �v)� This fact sheet provides you with information on your role in a client’s aged care journey and provides you with guidance in supporting client discussions. Visit the My Aged Care website for information about how consumers can now apply for an assessment. 2. For issues setting up your myGovID: • Check the information in this pack or visit the myGovID website ����jj���:��Av�J$*�V���p0��k�Uw�xT��8�a��7�Ǐ;��q�(�$�7��a\�U�����F��w��X It also offers online services to help users find information about aged care service providers and assessors, plus online fee estimators to check the pricing of home care packages and residential care. Changing Providers – Considerations and Checklist. Aged care advocacy fact sheet. My Aged Care is aimed at older people, their families and carers as well as service providers, and offers information on aged care as well as help in finding local providers such as aged care homes. and . Fact Sheet: Impact of the change on My Aged Care users 5 . Please enable scripts and reload this page. My Aged Care. authorisation administrators. Home and Community Care Program for Younger People 358 0 obj <>stream Attachments. endstream endobj 325 0 obj <>/Metadata 17 0 R/Outlines 28 0 R/PageLayout/OneColumn/Pages 322 0 R/StructTreeRoot 55 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 326 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> endobj 327 0 obj <>stream The Department of Social Services (DSS) has developed a range of useful factsheets. The Aged Care Quality Standards Storyboards (pdf, 12MB) are illustrated scenarios which describe how each of the Standards apply, so that aged care staff can better apply the Quality Standards in their day to day work. This information sheet details the key documents that the Assessment Team will request during the entry meeting at the commencement of the performance assessment. Print Share select to open share options. My Aged Care (previously known as My Manor) centers are licensed homely facilities that provide a spectrum of services that include retirement, assisted living and medical nursing. The key documents are of a nature that they can be reasonably be expected to be accessible by the person in charge at the service at any time. Its contents include: A letter from the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commissioner, Janet Anderson PSM; This can be really beneficial for older people with a cultural background. Residents and families – Quality indicators information sheet. Dementia Services Framework 2010-2015 - Report on Implementation, Interpreting/translating & multicultural health services, Your Room - Information about alcohol and other drugs, Government Information Public Access Act (GIPA), Policy directives, guidelines and information bulletins, Student clearance for clinical placements, Generic Presentation for LHDs - Information for NSW Health, Information Sheet - Aged Care Changes - the Journey so Far, Fact Sheet - Hospital Referrals from June 2016, Factsheet - What the My Aged Care Changes Mean for Service Providers, My Aged Care Provider Portal User Guide - Part One Administrator Functions, My Aged Care Provider Portal User Guide - Part Two Team Leader and Staff Member Functions, Hospital Fax Referral Form June 2016 Instructions, Establishment of the My Aged Care Regional Assessment Service, Living Well at Home - CHSP Good Practice Guide, Commonwealth Home Support Programme Manual, Commonwealth Home Support Programme Guidelines, Department of Social Services - Commonwealth Home Support Programme. There are aged care providers who may cater towards specific cultural backgrounds and may have staff that speak foreign languages. My Aged Care is a government service that provides advice on all aspects of aged care. Enveloped within lush and serene green environments that exude tranquility, the centers are the perfect home away from home for its residents. Myagedcare(Australian Government Department of Health) Numerous resources and booklets regarding aged care services. Alcohol and o ther drugs principal author ities. myGovID and Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM). Fact Sheet: Impact of the change on Health Data Portal users 4 What if I cannot achieve a Standard myGovID? Access information about My Aged Care services in Simplified Chinese - from how assessment works to the different types of aged care services available. This is why we have created this fact sheet (based on information from myagedcare.gov.au) CARE AT HOME to help you get started. This new functionality will be continuously improved. The intended audience of this fact sheet is anyone who is responsible for moving AUSkey users connected to their organisation onto the new replacement services . Aged Care: ANMF Information Sheets. Hazards of the chemical and how to handle it safely, including storage and disposal. Physical and chemical properties of the chemical, as well as potential health and emergency response measures. Aged Care Support - Direct support measures announced by Federal Government for aged care providers including key points for aged care workers and a summary of official media releases made by Federal Government in relation to supporting aged care providers. Aged Care Services. For queries about transitional arrangements or information on the effects of Commonwealth Aged Care reforms in NSW in your LHD, please contact your NSW Health Aged Care Contact. Natio nal Screening and Assessment Form; Fact Sheet - Hospital Referrals from June 2016 ; My Aged Care.

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