5 Dog Breeds With More Wrinkles

5 Dog Breeds With More Wrinkles

Whether for their spots, size, shape of the nose or tail, some dogs have characteristics that surprise us and tenderness. The appearance of the skin does not escape the set of particularities that do not go unnoticed when choosing a pet. Today we want to introduce the 5 breeds of dogs with more wrinkles on their skin.

The wrinkles on the skin of certain breeds of dogs are due to a genetic condition that causes an accumulation of hyaluronic acid, generating thicker and heavier skin. However, although wrinkles in dogs are striking and beautiful, they require specific care so that they do not develop skin problems.

The 5 breeds of dogs with more wrinkles


This beautiful Chinese specimen is possibly the most common reference when talking about dogs with wrinkles.

Despite being a medium-sized dog, he is an excellent guardian and has a powerful bite. In addition, it stands out for the particular shape of its face and snout.

Wrinkles are distributed throughout your face and body. However, this characteristic is most evident when they are puppies. As they get closer to adulthood they gradually lose wrinkles, although these are better preserved on the face and on the back.

It is common for dogs of this breed to develop diseases and skin problems, because many times if attention is not paid to the cleaning of wrinkle folds, it is common for bacteria or fungi to appear as a result of moisture.

Neapolitan mastiff

The Neapolitan Mastiff has wrinkles in the area of ​​the double chin and eyebrows, which gives it a peculiar characteristic aspect of this breed.

Formerly the Romans used them as guard and combat dogs. However, as they were introduced into homes and away from the battlefields, Neapolitan Mastiffs became more docile and affectionate.

At present, they are good family dogs, but they need early socialization since they are often distrustful of strangers and, although they do not attack without reason, they are not very friendly either.


Among the dogs with more wrinkles, the Bulldog stands out. It is one of the favorite dogs worldwide. It has a robust body and has wrinkles on its face, neck, legs, and spine. He is a very loyal dog, little energetic and lazy-looking, but loving spending time with his caregiver.

As a family dog, ​​it is exceptional. When it comes to playing, it can be a bit rough, because you don’t have much awareness of how strong it can hit. However, it is usually a calm and very affectionate dog.

To enjoy good health, it is important to monitor the functioning of your respiratory system very well, since the shape of your snout predisposes you to develop respiratory and cardiac diseases.


This breed of dogs has wrinkles mainly on the face and neck. It is one of its most striking features along with its high weight, which can easily reach 60 kilos.

Bullmastiffs are dogs that need a good education at an early age because the breed was originally developed to bring down and launch on their prey (a feature that remains intact). That is why in some countries they have a bad reputation, although in most cases it follows from bad parenting processes or the action of abusive owners.

With proper education, they can enjoy a calm character and a balanced personality, which makes them excellent pets for the little ones.


Another of the dogs with more wrinkles is Pug. It is a large and small dog, which is characterized by having a lot of energy and personality. Pug wrinkles are concentrated on your face and on the back.

Despite being very lively, they are dogs that adapt easily to small spaces, which has led them to become perfect companion animals.

Another characteristic that defines it is the strong intensity of its barking. Therefore, it is advisable to receive training controlling excessive barking. However, this characteristic makes them good guardians when it comes to alerting the masters of the presence of a stranger. Regarding their health, the Pug has a tendency to develop respiratory problems due to the shape of their palate. However, the state of your palate is controlled since they are puppies, they can live a long, healthy and happy life.

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