Did you know that you can actually still play with cats online? Many people remember the introduction of the iPetCompanion Cat Camera App was heard around the world. Virtual lines & queues were backed up as people couldn’t wait to get their 2 minutes online of live play with animal shelter kittens. Sometimes the waits even got as high as 3 hours. Anxious users would wait and wait until they could finally play. The players would then make the most of their 2 minutes. They could play with cats using virtual toys, laser pointers, adjustable cameras and more.

Unfortunately, iPetCompanion closed its operations in 2010, and most people think that was the end of being able to play with cats virtually. But fear not, there are other ways you can get your fix in. This quick article outlines how you can play with cats online using cat cameras.

The Pet Cube

Did you know that you can play with cats online in shelters AND in people’s homes via the PetCube app? Yes, it’s true. All you have to do is download the app and you can play with cats as often as you like. Many cameras are online live and have the laser pointer enabled so that you can make the cat chase the laser around if it feels inclined. Surprisingly, the app is not overcrowded and it’s pretty easy to get online quickly at any hour.

Buy Your Own Cat Camera

What about your own pet? Have a cat at home? There are a ton of cameras specifically for cats that you can use. iPetCompanion now recommends the Pawbo Life Cat Camera + Remote Cat Teaser Toy for a similar effect.  Between the camera, the built-in laser, and the playable toy, you have more than enough to keep you and your cat busy. It will allow you to play with your cat from virtually anywhere to keep him or her entertained.


So unlike what most people believe, there are other ways for you to play with cats online either with your own camera or through a public one. Technology is allowing us to be closer to each other from farther away…keeping us more connected than ever before.