Having a loving pet is one of the best experiences in life. The best part of having pets is that they love you unconditionally. Like humans, they too have different kinds of personalities. No matter how they behave, they have a very special place in our heart. Though it is not perfect, as many people have found out when wondering why is my dog peeing on me all of a sudden

It is the responsibility of the pet owners to provide every pet with the proper care that they deserve. Even though the process of taking care of them is a bit hard, it is something that you don’t have an option. But there is nothing wrong in putting some extra effort to make sure that they are in perfect shape. Here are some of the basic things that you need to provide for proper care.

Healthy food

For your pet to have a proper growth and stay in the best shape, providing it with healthy food is one of the basic things that you need to do. It is important that the food that you are providing them meets their nutritional requirements.  For example, you cannot feed the same for the grown-up dog and a puppy. So, understand what they need and make it a point to provide them with it. The amount of food that you feed also matters a lot. Just because you love them so much, it does not mean that you can overfeed them.

Clean water


Clean water is very important for pets to be active. You might have seen that most of the pets are very active all the time. There are only a few instances that you will come across a lazy pet. Hence it is important that you give your pet with adequate and clean water. Proper water consumption will keep them cool, hydrated and helps to be active.

Comfortable shelter

It is a fact that many pets enjoy the privilege of sharing the bed with the children or any of the family members. But at times they cannot share the bed with anyone. Hence having a proper shelter for the pets is mandatory. Whether it is outside the house or inside the house having a dedicated place for the pets will be a lot better. Actually, studies states that having a proper shelter for the pest makes them feel important, which increases the love and affection that they show.

The vet visits

Many have this practice of taking the pets to the vets only when they fall sick. But that is not how things should be. Every pet must have regular vet visits to make sure that they are in proper health condition. Just like the human body, if the medical issues are diagnosed in the earlier stages, it will be easier to get it treated. If not things will become very hard in the long run. Hence it is better to have periodic vet visits and make sure that everything is fine with the pets.